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Moving Mountains

It was day 5 and we were almost done but not quite. My aching legs begged for sympathy and giving up was the blaring option for me. At this point, all I had was the isolating darkness of the night and the frostiness of the snow.

That day was the most important day - the day that dictated the whole reason of flying almost 5000 miles across the continent - to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. It was New Year’s Day at the stroke of midnight and we had a 20-hour, laborious trek ahead of us. What stood between me and a phenomenal (and hugely satisfying) experience at the summit of the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa was 12 hours of extreme cold and the only ray of light shining from my headlight. All I heard was my own breath and a quiet voice within me telling me that I was almost there, just a little bit longer.

12 hours later, I stood atop overlooking the world beneath me and basking in the beauty of mother nature, it fully justified why I wanted to do this in the first place. The breathtaking view melted all the doubts I had about doing this in the first place (well, all my friends thought it was insane of me to PAY money to do this). Taking in that one breath of fresh, cold air, I never felt happier or more thankful.

Now, back in Singapore I couldn’t help but realize how my climbing experience was so similar to recruitment. My Managing Director Kathryn Woof once said, “what makes a recruiter last in this business is perseverance”, and that simply said it all.

Like climbing, recruitment is a challenging race with its fair share of ups and downs. Rejections, counter offers and the reality of uncontrollable, ever changing circumstances are a huge part of the role. Often at times it can be frustrating and demotivating but if we pressed on the pain, coupled with hard work and perseverance, the end result is so much more rewarding and I am always reminded of why I became and still am a recruiter six years on.

Now when I look back at my experience in Kilimanjaro, I still can’t believe I did that in 6 days. It just shows that anything can be done if you persevere.

Will I do it again? You bet!