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Talent Workshop


Last week we held our first ever Talent Workshop, in partnership with Elaura!

Before the workshop all 10 participants had completed the Birkman questionnaire (a psychometric testing tool Elaura uses, which takes about 40 minutes to complete). As the workshop began, you could tell everyone was intrigued – how could those seemingly simple questions tell us anything about ourselves? (and worse, would they reveal any sociopathic tendencies?!)

Jon from Elaura soon reassured everyone – the reports are 100% positive, and focus on your strengths.After a brief background on the history of Birkman (it’s been running for 60+ years and despite being little known to the general public, is used by large companies around the world in their talent selection and retention processes) we began to look at the results.


These results are split into 4 sections – areas of interest (what motivates you), usual behaviour (how you behave under normal circumstances), underlying needs (how you need others to treat you), and stress behaviour (how you behave when those needs aren’t met).

We were soon all up on our feet and moving around the room, first of all comparing our areas of interest, which cover 10 varied areas such as outdoor, numerical, artistic and literary (luckily all our PR participants came out very high on this, they’re clearly in the right industry!).

Everyone enjoyed the active participation and there were a lot of laughs as colleagues and friends compared their scores!

“The active element of standing on the sliding scale was particularly helpful to see where you stood compared to everyone else. I feel that it's difficult to fully understand your own results until there's a comparison with other people, particularly being able to compare with others who are in the same type of industry and those in different industries.”

We then got down to the nitty-gritty of the report, taking a closer look at the way our motivation, behaviour, needs and stress all interact.

“The part I found most useful was understanding the relationship between my needs, interests and stress management styles.”

Even though the workshop ran over schedule, and it was late on a Wednesday evening, everyone stayed attentive to the end, and many stayed on to ask more questions – we even had requests to increase the workshop length next time, to enable us to delve deeper into the ideas and issues raised.


Don't just take our word for here, here's a few comments from the participants:

“I found the workshop very useful. It was a good opportunity to have a personal analysis done at a reasonable price. I think this is especially useful for those people whose employers /companies don't offer such assessments for their teams.”

Definitely worthwhile and value for money—whether you’re starting out on the job ladder, looking to grow within your current organization or seeking to move on.”

“I found the entire workshop very interesting as each segment had a specific message. I am going to recommend this to my company as it has made me more aware of my strengths and weakness.”

“Workshop had a good pace. Particularly liked the active participation. The trainer also provided a lot of examples for each 'Area of interest' which helped me understand my personality traits/needs better.”

“The presenter, Jon, was very engaging, interesting and explained everything in a simple, easy to follow way.”

SOUNDS INTERESTING? The best way to find out more is to take part in the workshop yourself!

We’ll soon be running this workshop in Sydney, and also running a repeat workshop in Singapore, so if you’re interested in taking part (as an individual, or to test it out for your company) please contact me at rachel@33talent.com