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When you strip it back, the secret to excellent leadership lies in cultivating high-performing teams around a common purpose and vision and managing yourself so you can manage others better. 

Our Manager Excellence program is ideal for rising managers and high-potentials who need practical and comprehensive support to drive lasting change and growth within their teams. Whether you have managers that are new to their role, require upskilling to perform at their best, or would simply benefit from a refresher, this program is an immersion into the practice of management within a coaching framework. Unlike other training and development programs, Manager Excellence can be customised to your business needs - the training can be purchased as an entire program or you can select the modules you believe will add the greatest value to your senior team's development.

“Cat's team-building session engaged us with so much energy and positivity that we're now ready for the next level of agile work and kickstarting our new business goals.
33 Talent's training programme was not only tailored to our needs but gave us the opportunity to discover ourselves and our peers at a deeper level. The programme did not end in the workshop - we were each given reading material specific to our development and to discover our strengths even further."

- Managing Director, Co-Working Space (Singapore)


1. The Leader in You
      • The first module in the program sets the foundation for manager excellence by defining who you are and want to be as a leader. This module explores your vision, values, and philosophies around leadership and sets you up with a clear path forward for managing your team.

2. Mastering Your Effectiveness
      • Great managers are focused and clear about what they need to achieve. This module is designed to help you identify where you need to focus to achieve the best outcomes: for yourself, your team, and the wider business. Using a series of planning tools, this session provides insights into how to be more effective, how to set inspiring goals, and how to keep yourself energised and motivated.

3. Mastering Presence and Influence
      • Enhancing your credibility through defining how you want to show up and learning skills to improve your presence and influence.

4. Making an Impact and Impression
      • Taking leadership to the next level through identifying how you can build a reputation and create your desired impact.

5. Trust, the Foundation of Successful Management
      • Will you be a manager that leads by fear, or trust? In this module, participants will learn how to foster trust within their team to increase performance, retain talent, and drive productivity in an authentic way.

6. Managing Conflict and Dealing With Challenges
      • Are tensions within the workplace being aired and overcome? This module prepares managers in their role to handle difficult conversations, mediate workplace dynamics, and reconstruct challenges into opportunities for development. 

7. Motivation: For You, For Your Team
      • Keeping yourself and your team motivated can prove to be challenging - especially in today's remote working world. This module introduces frameworks and techniques that will inspire you to take ownership over your success and the success of your team.

8. Creating Powerful Teams
      • Build the skills to plan, set goals and give valuable input to your teams.

9. Coaching for Performance
      • Teams perform more powerfully when they are coached to identify their own solutions to challenges they are facing. This module teaches you the fundamental skills to coach your people to higher levels of performance, including how to listen deeply to what is being said and how to ask powerful questions in order to unlock your team's potential.

10. Fearless Feedback
      • Create a feedback culture by understanding how to plan for and give meaningful feedback through the application of 2 simple models.

11. Effective Communication
      • Are you listening clearly to what your team are saying? Do they understand what you expect and need? Effective communication is critical to successful leadership. This module covers how to be a more effective communicator, the different styles of influence and communication, and how to apply these to run a successful team.

12. Conducting Effective Interviews
      • For managers who need to increase their confidence when hiring, this module will build the skills for preparing and conducting powerful interviews, as well as improving your instincts for identifying candidates with the greatest potential for your organisation.

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Cat Muspratt-Williams
ICF Accredited, ACC certified

British by nationality, international by experience. Cat was born in Hong Kong and has spent numerous years working in London, Sydney, and Singapore. Equipped with a BSc in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in the Communications world, she's built and led revenue-generating divisions across multiple, renown agencies. Most recently, she was the Head of Asia Pacific for Edelman Intelligence.

Her experience as a leader motivated her to become an ICF certified coach in 2018, focusing now on drawing out the brilliance in others and challenging them to overcome obstacles in a professional context. She's helped clients get the promotions they've been chasing, supporting them through career transitions, and prepared them to be better leaders and teammates.

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