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Jit Sharma

Jit Sharma

Career Coach

​I possess more than 25 years experience in delivering meaningful service programmes. With a background in psychology as well as ACTA, DACE and CAP certifications, I have delivered career advisory and occupational insights with mindfulness. I have positively impacted the lives of many job seekers.

In a former short life, I was a Special Education teacher, having the privilege of working with children and adults with severe special needs, specifically, Prader-Willi syndrome and Aspergers. I also previously counselled drug-addicts and was instrumental in shaping the drug-rehabilitation scene in Singapore.

I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology mainly because I am fascinated how the mind works and how it shapes thinking.

I love current affairs, as well as eclectic and esoteric subjects. I also am an aspiring poet, flash fiction writer and paper engineer.