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Meet the Coaches:

Nicola Payne

Professional Background

Hello!  I've spent 20 years working for big brands in various sectors including financial services, technology, retail and transport. In my last role at Visa as an HR Director & Coach, I operated as part of senior management teams, led complex change programmes, coached and advised leaders and mentored loads of people coming up through the ranks.  All of this means I get how things really work in the corporate world. I understand just how challenging it can be and I loved it (most of the time!)


I also saw how often people good people get stuck in mid career - wondering “is this it?”  They stagnate, feeling increasingly miserable and powerless to have the big impact they want - wasting talent, time and money.   I now work as a business owner and coach helping people turn work from something they do into something they love - as I truly believe that’s when the magic happens for individuals and organisations.  

Personal Background

I’m a Brit by background and I’ve lived in England, Scotland, Canada (for 6 months) and Amsterdam (every weekend for 6 years).   I’ve always loved an adventure - so when the opportunity came to move to Singapore with my husband and daughter, I jumped at it!


I’ve been here a few months now and am loving soaking up the culture in my new home.  It’s all I thought it would be - and more! I’m looking forward to travelling around the region, getting fit and trying new experiences.  So far - I’ve taken up golf and am on a mission to get a handicap and even signed up for Dragon Boat Racing (I didn’t see that one coming!)

Coaching Style

Clients describe me as warm, energetic, commercial, challenging and above all supportive. Oh – and we have a bit of fun whilst we do it because life’s too short right?

Personal Philosophy

Helping people turn work from something they do into something they love.  It’s a win/win for them and their organisations.  

Coaching Expertise/Specialism

I’ve been coaching for 5 years and am a fully certified Co-active Coach, accredited with the International Coach Federation.  I also have specialisms in neuro-transformational coaching (a mouthful I know!) which is brilliant for helping my left brain corporate clients get to the root of what’s really going on in their heads and the rather marvellous Centaur Leadership which is taught at universities in the UK and gives insights into yourself and others at a glance.  Truly the most useful model I learned during my entire corporate life. My 20 years of HR experience means I have loads of other development skills up my sleeve and from time to time I interweave in some teaching if we feel this is helpful. I’m big on integrity and relationships so I use all of these to help my clients create win/win solutions.  This is a must for me having seen what happens when things go wrong for so many years!

Favourite Coaching Story (So Far!)

One of the people I worked with in the corporate world, was great at what they did but very frustrated with the environment, feeling held back by those around them.  As coaching progressed, they changed their mindset and decided to take control of their own career. They had different conversations with people and low and behold their career really took off.  A big promotion and pay rise followed just 5 months later and as part of the leadership team they are finally having the impact they knew they could and are recognised as being a change maker in their organisation too.  

Nicola runs a coaching practice - People Savvy - working with clients in the UK and Singapore.

Coaching Options

Executive Coaching

Develop leadership or management



Identify career goals and work out how to reach them



Enhance individual or team performance



Reach personal goals, or overcome challenges


Nicola is truly wonderful at what she does. I’ve never met someone who “gets” it so quickly. Her empathy and understanding is incredible. With Nicola’s help I’ve managed to develop a much healthier attitude towards work which has resulted in tangible improvements to my personal life. I’d recommend coaching with Nicola to anyone who has the opportunity.  

—  Management Consultant