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Meet the Coaches:

Lesz Sikorski

Professional Background

After achieving a joint honours degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, my first business role offered me the opportunity, with 6 months experience under my belt, to lead a diverse team of 6 older and more experienced people. I was fascinated by the challenge and opportunity of learning how to engage, motivate and lead others for performance. From these beginnings my career pivoted into HR, which more than 30 years later has brought me to this point. I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had and excited to be taking the experiences, skills and know-how I’ve developed into a second career.

I have extensive experience of working with international MNCs predominantly across Asia Pacific and Europe with exposure in the Americas, Middle East and Africa.

Throughout my 30-year career working with global multinational corporations and their operating subsidiaries, I’ve been privileged to take on global, regional and business unit leadership roles in HR, OD and change management in mature and developing markets. I’ve lead teams, developed talent and guided major change including mergers, acquisitions, enterprise-wide restructuring, performance improvement and the professionalisation of HR.

Personal Background

Of Polish origin, my parents arrived in the UK as refugees following World War II. I was born in London and have lived in a number of places around England. Thus far, I have lived in 4 countries on 2 continents and visited almost 50 countries, many of these due to work and often in locations far from the tourist path. 
I’ve been living in Singapore since 2014 and whilst I love it, it’s always felt natural to me to consider exploring another place. I value what those experiences give me.
In my younger days I was a keen sportsman. Whilst that career was cut short due to injury, these days you can still find me riding my road bike around Singapore. I still love to watch live sports and take many lessons from this back into my coaching and development work. 

Coaching Style

I seek to create a safe space where my clients are encouraged to do the deep self-work required to achieve lasting change. I’m empathetic and nurturing and in return expect my clients to fully engage in their personal development journey.

Passionate About

Helping people find peace and acceptance in themselves so they can realise their potential and make the impact they want to in the world.

Coaching Expertise/Specialism

I am a professionally trained and certificated coach. My focus is on building awareness, releasing 
capability and realising potential. I love to work with people who have a track record of success, who are facing a career or business challenge and are willing to invest in themselves. I advocate lifelong learning through the practice of un-learning, re-learning and nu-learning.

Favourite Coaching Story (So Far!)

No matter what people tell you they want to work it generally leads to you working on something deeper; something that’s the real blockage. Basically, they say they want to work on the symptom, but the real change comes with uncovering and working on the cause. 
Recently I worked with three, un-connected clients who all wanted to achieve breakthrough in their career. Yet, as we got into our discussions, it was clear, for each one, their inner voices where telling them “stories” that inhibited their ability to move forward. Helping people to realise that so much of their self-talk is “fake news” can be so liberating! It’s one of the reasons I love to coach – that “ah-ha” moment – when the client gets it and opens up a whole new world for themselves.

Coaching Options:

Executive Coaching

Develop leadership or management



Identify career goals and work out how to reach them



Enhance individual or team performance



Reach personal goals, or overcome challenges


"The interactions with Lesz were a most valuable input in my career transition and I can highly recommend Lesz as your professional coach."

—  EO & Regional P&L Leader