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FREE 30 Minute Session

We believe that everyone has the power to unleash their potential, and investing in yourself is one of the most important moves you can make. Coaching is ideal for individuals who are at a moment of change in their life or work, as we all seek help to get the results we need from time to time! Watch episode 1 of our coaching series below for more inspiration.

People see a coach for all kinds of reasons; perhaps they are feeling stuck, lost, uninspired or are lacking in confidence. Our coaches can help you work towards a specific goal or navigate through more general situations.

Areas we cover with coaching:

  • Goal setting

  • Building self-awareness

  • Tackling challenges that arise

  • Breaking bad habits, forming good habits

  • Shifting mindsets

  • Opening opportunities

  • Accomplishing wins

  • Amplify learnings


Our ICF accredited coaches work with businesses or individuals, and can be engaged privately or through company sponsorship.

Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and have different specialisms and styles, so get to know them below, and if you want to chat to any of them, sign up for a free "chemistry session" - a 30 minute meeting to introduce coaching and assess the chemistry between your chosen coach & you. 

Kath Headshot.jpg

Kathryn Woof, ICF accredited, ACC certified


I have experience in career coaching, performance coaching, and own & lead a consultancy in the HR sector.  I trained for my ICF coaching accreditation in 2018. I have worked with individuals on personal improvement and with businesses during times of transformation and change.  

Cat Headshot.jpg

Cat Muspratt-Williams, ICF accredited, ACC certified


I help bring people closer to the future they want, whether this is to become more confident as a manager, more powerful as a leader or more effective in the work that they do.  With a degree in psychology and 20 years’ experience as a leader in the communications world – I understand the challenges of leadership and am here to champion those who want to be great at what they do.

Lesz Headshot.jpg

Lesz Sikorski, ICF accredited, ACC certified


My focus is on building awareness, releasing capability and realising potential. I love to work with people who have a track record of success, who are facing a career or business challenge and are willing to invest in themselves. I advocate lifelong learning through the practice of un-learning, re-learning and nu-learning.

Nicola Headshot.jpg

Nicola Payne, ICF accredited, PCC certified


I help professionals in mid-career step up as the leader they long to be.  As an ex HR Director, I blend career strategy, the dreaded office politics & the latest in neuroscience to help people turn work from something they do into something they love - because that’s when the magic happens for people & organisations.  

Ivan Headshot.jpg

Ivan Foo, ICF accredited, ACC certified


I have been coaching since 2017 and focus on programmatic coaching for organizations looking to use coaching as an initiatives launchpad rather than waiting to solve problems when they arise. My coaching takes on the form of a vibrant conversation where I partner with my clients to seek their truths.

Emma Headshot.jpg

Emma Noguchi, ICF accredited, PCC certified


I typically partner with high performing leaders and fast-paced top executives to... take a break and breathe. In the volatile, uncertain and unpredictable world we’re in, they can easily get lost or get stuck. I provide a safe and sacred space for them to pause, reflect and finally reconnect to what truly matters as they come back ‘home’ to themselves, both as leaders and as human beings

Hazel Headshot.jpg

Hazel Yeo, ICF accredited, ACC certified


We all have a unique superpower that the world needs but having it doesn’t mean we are using it to its best and fullest potential. I focus on personal leadership & empowerment because to be a good leader to others, we need to first be a good leader to ourselves.