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Are you a jobseeker? Planning your next career move? Know an amazing friend that can’t seem to find that perfect role? Or just have a million questions on today’s job market and Google isn’t answering them the way you want? 
We’re here to help -- announcing 33 Talent’s "Candidate Career Lab” - a free webinar series hosted by our top senior recruitment experts in Digital/Tech, Data, and PR/Comms. With extensive experience and industry knowledge in Singapore, APAC, and beyond, they’re the team you want on your side. 
What can you expect? 
  • 3 exclusive Ask us Anything sessions by our panel where we delve deep into some of the best insider tips on smart job searching on Linkedin, hands-on CV editing and role targeting (you can even forward us your CV and we’ll take a look!), and practical techniques when engaging with virtual interviews in this ‘new normal’’ 

  • Leave with a snappy Linkedin profile, a polished CV, more connections, and a better understanding and game-plan for what to do next to maximise your chances of re-employment

  • Listen and connect with others in the same eco-system as you and discover new pain-points and corresponding solutions you might not have thought of before

Send us any questions you might have and register here to save your spot!

Utilising Linkedin Effectively:

CV Targeting & Review:

The New Normal Interview: