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Getting The Most Out Of Your CV

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Getting the most out of your CV

Ever wondered about the importance of the content and the format of your CV that is going out to potential employers? How would a recruiter or a hiring manager determine suitability based on a CV?

A powerful CV will enable you to get through the first round and make a good impression with your employer to be in with a higher chance of securing a face to face interview. It is definitely worth spending that time and effort on the overall presentation. The key to standing out is to highlight items such as your skills, portfolio, achievements depending on the role you are applying for. Also, consider the option of being headhunted simple because of the information on your CV, or LinkedIn profile. But, why would this be applicable in this case? Simply because the presence of the CV is determined by the relevant keywords you have within your profile.

In this blog I’m going to share 5 really effective tips when it comes to having your CV stand out:

The Impression

Start off with a summary of your accomplishments and skillsets that you bring to the table. A general starting paragraph would be fine to give an idea about what you do. Think of it as a brief introduction or a professional summary of yourself when you speak to someone. This would then develop additional interest for the recruiter to dive in deeper on what else you have done in the past.


Instead of a long list of responsibilities, focus on the key outcomes from your experience. This also gives an idea to the employer of how driven you are when It comes to a task you’ve been given, and what their return would be.

It’s exceptionally helpful to give data e.g.:

“I’ve helped to optimize a platform that in result increased the efficiency of a process by 40%”

“Over the year, I’ve exceeded the expected revenue target and achieved a total of 200%”

Powerful Keywords

As I mentioned earlier, many recruiters uses platforms such as LinkedIn to filter the right profiles and eliminate profiles that does not meet the suggested keywords. So, make sure you check your profiles once more and make the adjustments as necessary.

One way to really stand out is to look for job descriptions that are relevant to your job scope and tailor according to the kind of words they use often. Say if it’s a sales role, you may want to include keywords such as ‘pitch’, ‘relationship’ or ‘presentation’. Obviously, make sure the words make sense according to what you have done or currently performing.

Ready – Set – ACTION

One way to ensure your CV stands out is to focus on action-oriented words that back your achievement. Avoid using the same words over and over again such as “I am responsible for...”.

Instead, you could use ‘increased’ or ‘introduced’ or ‘streamlined’. These words would in result create a rather engaging CV which shows how you have contributed towards certain projects or initiatives in your current or past employment.


What’s left to do when most of the boxes are ticked? It is crucial to double-check your document and to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. Spelling or grammar mistakes can be interpreted as you being someone who doesn’t pay attention to detail. At times, it may seem a bit of a turn off when hiring managers read through a resume to realize there are spelling errors. So do make sure there are no errors in spelling and make sure that the format is clean in a way that it’s easier for hiring managers to read through.